Multi Vendor Commissions & Payouts Reporting

PuppetVendors is a Shopify app that helps drop-shippers, marketplaces, and consignment businesses better manage their sales, commissions, and payouts reporting with 3rd party vendors.
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Multi-Vendor Commissions and Payouts Reporting Dashboard

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Why Use PuppetVendors?

We believe in empowering business owners to make informed business decisions and we do so by providing key business insights via software.
  • Growth
    Offload tedious tasks so you and your team can focus on growing your business.
  • Insights
    Get all the insights to take your marketplace or dropshipping store on Shopify to the next level.
  • Tools
    PuppetVendors provides you with all the reporting you need to run a successful marketplace or dropshipping store on Shopify.


All the features you need to easily manage your vendor sales, commissions and payouts.
  • Multi-Vendor Commissions and Payouts Reporting Dashboard

    Vendor Performance Summary

    Get a bird's eye view of the performance of your vendors at a glance.
  • Puppet Vendors - Commission Settings

    Flat or Percentage Commissions and Deductions

    Set either flat or percentage-based commissions by vendor or product/SKU.
  • Vendor Payouts

    Payouts by Gross Sales, Profit or Cost of Items

    Flexibility to calculate commission splits on the gross sales, only the profit or show vendors only the cost of items (cost of goods sold) to meet all your business needs.
  • Vendor Login/Account Request + White label

    Vendor Login/Account Request + White label

    Have a login page for your vendors so they can check their sales and payouts at any time. The login page should embody your brand features including your logo, theme color and custom domain.
  • Puppet Vendors - Products

    Manage Vendor Products and Approvals

    Allow vendors to upload their products (physical or digital). Both merchants and vendors can track and update inventory and maintain granular control over vendor capabilities.
  • Puppet Vendors - Fulfillments

    Order Fulfillments

    Allow vendors to fulfill items by entering tracking numbers. Merchants can track order statuses and maintain granular control over vendor capabilities.
  • Puppet Vendors - API Integration

    Public API

    Public API for flexible integration with other platforms or access to your data.

What customers say about us!

  • We have been searching this kind of app for a long time and now we finally found what we'we been looking for! Been using it for a few weeks now and seems like a really quality app. We'we had some questions and special requests about the app and the customer service has handled them all quickly. Special thanks to Martin!
    Kässä Kirppu
  • The best customer service we have had from an app developer since starting our business more than 3 years ago! The willingness to work with us to help us set this up exactly to our needs was exceptional. Support always comes back to us within minutes and gives us extremely detailed and solid feedback...
    Michael & Lizelle, Co-founders
  • We are working with many vendors on consignments and looked for a easy solution while giving the vendors the option of viewing their sales. Puppet Vendor is absolute excellent and stunning and the customer service the best I had so far. I suggest to show thumb mails of the vendors sales and the update this feature within a few days for free...
    Markus, Founder
  • The app is a must! the interface is very user-friendly and customer service is prompt and effective. Highly Recommended!
    Youssef Boksmati, Founder
  • A very unusual app and probably the only one able to easily perform a follow-up of the sales and commission to pay. We sell painting online and pay commissions to artists. We were looking for a way to reduce the workload at the end of the month to calculate commission for our artists. No more excel, and multiple back and forth with our 20+ artists...
    Guillaume Bosert, Managing Director

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Simplify your sales, commissions, and payouts reporting to vendors now.

Shopify Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Simple and Transparent Pricing

No commission, transaction, or hidden fees. Free Trial for 14 days when you sign up for all plans.

🔗 Estimate the right plan for you

  • Basic

    • 30 Vendors
    • Key Business Insights
    • Vendor Login Portal (Mobile-Friendly)
    • Calculate commissions by Gross Sales, Profits or Cost of Items
    • Commission by Vendor and Product/SKU
    • Automated Order Syncing (Real-time & every 6 hours)
    • Limited Chat and Email Support
    • Additional Charges Apply For Add-Ons
  • Business

    • 100 Vendors
    • All From Basic Plan +
    • Unlimited Chat & Email Support
    • Additional Charges Apply For Add-Ons
  • Enterprise (Starts at)

    • 101-300 Vendors
    • All From Business Plan +
    • First onboarding + setup
    • Priority Chat & Email Support
    • Additional Charges Apply For Add-Ons
    • Contact support for more vendors

Plug & Play Add-Ons

We are building the platform to be as flexible as possible so you can pick the only ones you need.
  • Available Now


    - Sales Dashboard
    - Track Payouts With Filters
    - Set Commissions By Shop, Vendor, Product/SKU
    - Vendor Login Portal (Mobile-Friendly + Multi-lingual Support)
    - Automated Weekly, or Monthly Sales Report
    - Generate Unlimited Invoices & Packing Slips
  • Available Now

    Visibility Control (+$6)

    - Granular control over data fields (profit or sales, etc.) that are visible to your vendors in the portal.
  • Available Now

    Unlimited Real-time Notifications (Free)

    - Notify Vendor In Real-time Of New Orders
    - Get Notified In Real-Time Of New Vendor Signups
  • Available Now

    White-label (+$15)

    - Add Your Custom Domain
    - Upload Your Business Logo
    - Select Your Color Theme
    - Emails Updated With Your Logo and Color
    - Branded Packing Slips
  • Available Now

    Order Fulfillment (+$14)

    - Fulfill Items By Vendors
    - Track Order Status
    - Granular Controls Over Vendor Capabilities
  • Available Now

    Product Management (+$24)

    - Product Uploads By Vendors (Physical or Digital Products)
    - Track & Update Inventory
    - Granular Controls Over Vendor Capabilities
    - Bulk Product Uploads
  • Available Now

    Payouts (+$19)

    - Notify Vendors Of Payments Made
    - Historical Logs Available For Reference
    - Fund Transfer Directly Within PuppetVendors
    - PayPal and Stripe Payouts - Automated Payouts via PayPal and Stripe (Beta)
  • COMING SOON 2024

    Vendor Mobile App (Free) - Android & iOS

    - Updated Interface Design
    - Sales Dashboard
    - View Payouts Receiveables
    - Keep track of Inventories
    - Fulfill items with tracking information
    - Mobile Push Notifications (no more emails!!)
  • Available Now

    Staff Accounts (Enterprise Only)

    - Create unlimited login accounts for your team
    - Granular control over staff access
  • Available Now

    API Access (Enterprise Only)

    - Full access to your shop's data programatically
    - In-built Security
    - Full extensibility allows you to build out your own workflows or integrate with 3rd party apps
  • Available Now - Request Access

    Vendor Subscription

    - Charge your vendors weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly - Add a trial period to give free access
    - Portal for your vendors to manage subscription - Block portal access if incomplete payment
  • Available Now - Request Access

    Real-time Shipping Rates

    - Allow vendors to set their own shipping rates
    - Control rates to commissions or payouts - Rates by order or line items
  • Early testing

    Merchant/Vendor Chat

    - Communicate in real-time with your vendors from within the app - No more emails and chat app nightmare.
  • 100%
    5 Star Reviews
  • 100,000+
    Email Notifications Per Month
  • 4M+
    Order & Product Updates Per Month

FAQs - Common Questions

Here are some of the questions we get from customers. If can't find yours, just write to us.
  • What do I do if the way I calculate commissions or deductions is different from how PuppetVendors does it?

    We are open to catering the calculation method based on your input so feel free to reach out.
  • Do calculations include tax and shipping?

    No. Shipping can be added as a custom deduction in the vendor settings if needed. Tax is only included if you have the tax option enabled in the app.
  • How many vendor login accounts, orders or products does PuppetVendors allow me to sync?

    There's currently no limit to the number of vendor login accounts, orders or products.
  • How are the commissions or deductions calculated?

    You will be able to find both the commissions and deductions calculations example in the vendor settings page.
  • I need something custom for my store. Is that something workable?

    Definitely, depending on the request, we will be more than happy to work with you and have the custom feature sorted just for you.
  • What kind of turnaround can I expect for email support?

    We currently do batch support via email twice a day at 9 am and 7 pm SGT.
  • Does installing PuppetVendors slow down my Shopify store?

    No, we do not make any modifications to your theme code.
  • I only see 250 orders synced. What's happening?

    PuppetVendors initially only syncs 250 orders to avoid long wait times for you and all new orders going forward. Please reach out to support to sync older orders.
  • How often are orders imported from my Shopify store to PuppetVendors

    Orders are synced in real-time. PuppetVendors also auto-syncs your orders twice a day in addition to the real-time sync.
  • How does PuppetVendors find vendor names?

    PuppetVendors scans your order list and finds unique vendor name and populates them onto your dashboard.
  • What do I do if I run into issues?

    We appreciate you using PuppetVendors to help you with your business and are here to help resolve any issues you may have. Feel free to reach out to support for any assistance.
  • Is the commission rate for the merchant (your store) or vendor?

    Commission rate is the amount you keep while the payout amount is what you would pay the vendor.
  • How does pricing work?

    The base plan is $19/month with a limit of 30 vendors. There are additional add-ons available to increase the number of vendors and add functionality to the portal including Whitelabel and Product Management.

Request New Feature or Need Help?

Got questions or need assistance with anything at all, just reach out via email, click the live chat icon or view the documentation while waiting for assistance.
Get started today!

Simplify your sales, commissions, and payouts reporting to vendors now.

Shopify Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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